Inspired by the long running tradition in Newtown School, we introduced  a House Clan initiative as part of our focus on encouraging good behaviour through positive re-enforcement of good behaviour.  The system also aims to promote the children’s voice in the running and organizing of events in school, encourages children to actively participate in extra- curricular activities such as Green Schools, Active Flag and Book Week, helps the children to get to know children from other classes and promotes co-operation across the classes.

We have four houses, each named after prominent Quaker families.  Each House has a house crest, house colour, a Captain and Vice-Captain.  Appointment as a Captain or Vice-Captain is a big honour and these posts are held by 6th class children.  All pupils have been allocated to a House.  House points are awarded by staff to pupils who are making a clear effort to follow the Golden Rules.  Each class teacher will record house points earned by pupils in his/her class.  Every Thursday, the House Points for each House are added together and the winning House is announced at Friday’s Collect.  The winning House is awarded the House Cup for the week – this will be displayed in school with the winning house’s colours.  Each term, the House which has the overall highest score will be awarded a special treat.

In early May, the Bewley Clan was announced as the winner of the overall prize for term two.   It was a closely fought contest between all the clans.  The Bewley house members enjoyed a pizza party in the garden while the rest of the clans had to work indoors.

Term Three’s prize will be another great treat so good luck to all!