Information on SeeSaw – a digital tool for distance learning.

Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool which allows pupils to store their work in an online space and gain feedback from their teacher. It can be used on a computer (PC) or tablet or phone. It effectively enables teachers to set tasks or assignments and include instructions or templates for students to use at home.

At NJS, we are asking some of our pupils to use this app to keep in touch with school. Guidance on accessing the app has already been sent to parents on earlier blogs.

Once signed in, pupils can select a number of tools to complete activities and to add content to their work folder via the green plus symbol. Once content has been uploaded, pupils can then add narration, text and drawings to the file to further explain why they have included this content, to describe the learning that has taken place.

There are a number of ways that a pupils can upload content, these are listed below:

Photos: Images can be taken using the camera on the device being used. Pupils can take photos of their work and add a narration to this explaining a process. They can also add text to their images, or draw on the image to include arrows and additional information;

Videos:  Pupils can make recordings of themselves engaging in oral language work and upload it to the platform for feedback from their teacher;

Drawing: Pupils can use this tool to create diagrams which can be uploaded to the platform and can add narration to this to explain their workings; and

Camera Roll: Pupils can upload images from the camera roll and can add narration and text to these as normal.

Notes: Pupils can type pieces of text such as reflections and longer pieces, such as narrations, and up load them to the website. They can also create their text in one language (eg. English) and add narration in another language (eg. Gaeilge) to create dual-texts.

Links: Pupils can upload relevant links to their folder on the platform to add more information to their projects etc.


As you are creating your child’s Seesaw account (as opposed to school setting up accounts for each child) the act of signing up is considered to constitute consent for the purposes of GDPR Regulations. The Seesaw app is fully compliant with GDPR and more information on its privacy policy is available on its website The settings chosen by teachers ensure that only the Class Teacher can view each child’s work.