Hello Everyone,

Bua na Cainte is the Irish language programme in use from Junior Infants to Fourth Class.  It is possible to access the textbooks on line from www.edcolearning.ie with the username: primaryedcobooks and password: edco2020.

By following the instructions below, it is also now possible to access the interactive programme we use in school.  All the children are familiar with the programme and should be able to help you to navigate the programme. 

Each class programme is divided into ten subjects.  To access the work recommended for this week, just click on the topic your child’s class is working on now.  Then, a range of lessons(Ceacht) will be displayed.  The Class Teachers will direct you to the lessons for this week.  Within each “ceacht”, you will see a number of icons at the bottom of the screen.  The yellow speech icon brings you to a short video featuring all the target language for the lesson.  The games console icon will bring you to a selection of interactive games.  If you have any questions, please contact the Teacher via Seesaw. 

To access Bua na Cainte’s interactive programme at home, for a limited period, please follow the instructions below: 

1.    Go to www.edco.ie/bua

2.    Select the file which suits your computer: PC or MAC

3.    Select the Class Level you require, and then click on it to start a download of the file.

4.    Once the download has completed, click on the file to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

5.    A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you select this icon a login page will open where you will need to enter the details included below.   The login details below can be used for all class levels.  

Login: trial

Password: trial  

**Please Note** Bua Na Cainte can only be installed on a Windows PC or a Mac.   The download might take a little while but it is worth the wait!

Good luck!