Hello everyone,

It’s great to hear that many of you watched the video on recycling from last week and completed the recycling quiz. 


Last week, we saw Cara telling us about her experiment.  Elliott in Junior Infants also tried the colour experiment – here he is working on it with his sister:

Let’s also listen to one of our Senior Infants,  Conor, who constructed a Lego creation to demonstrate how some people are not looking after the environment. Well done Conor!


As mentioned in last week’s post, this week I am encouraging you all to create a piece of art or a DIY project using recyclable materials.

I attach some links to websites which might give you some creative ideas:
The site below shows how to create a bird feeder using only a plastic bottle, string and sticks:

You could try these easy to make binoculars using toilet toll inserts:

Crafts for Kids: Recycled Bird Feeder

Cereal boxes also have endless possibilities: 
Once you have finished your creation, please take a photo and post it to your teachers on Seesaw or send it to njsgreenschools@gmail.com.  We will post some of the photos on our blog so by sending in the photos, we will take it as consent to publish.
The bin is your oyster this week. I can’t wait to see what you all create!
Ms Stapleton