Dear Parents,

This week, we would love to see our hockey players practice their skills at home.
Please take a look at this link for this week’s challenge – focus on challenges 2 and 3 in the clip!
Challenge 2 on the clip looks at developing dragging skills from left to right – count how many times you can drag the hockey ball from left to right in 30 seconds.
Challenge 3 in the clip may also be of interest to some of our hockey players too, creating an obstacle course at home to practice your dribbling and ball control skills!

For those of you who have been enjoying the basketball challenges, this week you will be working with a family member to participate in the games.  The two featured tasks are Heads Up and Partner Dribble.  
Heads up: Dribble the basketball while calling out the numbers of fingers your partner puts up.
Partner Juggle: Face your partner with both of you holding a ball in your right hand, pass the ball with your right and catch with your left.

The final suggestion for this week is a tennis challenge called High Five Rallies.  You can choose either the beginners challenge or the harder version of the game.
Beginners challenge

Harder version of the game -this challenge will help develop your child’s basic rallying skills:  
If any of you are participating in sporting challenges in association with your clubs, we would love to see videos of these too. 
Stay safe and keep active.
Ms. Kavanagh