Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed creating fantastic pieces of art and crafts using recyclable materials.

Take a look at Genevieve who created a mini-bug hotel from a plastic container and a watering hole for bees. Very imaginative Genevieve. Well done all who took part.

This week, we are focusing on creating a short poem, verse or rap based on the theme of Recycling and helping the environment.

Here is a great Ted Talks video to watch to give students more information on where plastic goes when we throw it away:

Here is also a poem to inspire students by Cornish poet Clive Blake:

Once you have finished your poem, verse or rap, please take a photo and post it to your teachers on Seesaw or send it to njsgreenschools@gmail.com. You could also record yourself reciting your composition and post it to Seesaw.

Ms Stapleton.