Hello everyone,

Below is a menu of activities that you and your family could participate in this week. I look forward to seeing pictures and videos of your chosen activities.


For those of you who have enjoyed the Dance activities last week, there are a number of songs and dance routines to follow on 


You can learn their moves or put your own spin on their routines. I particularly enjoyed the dance along to “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book.


Waterford Sports Partnership in conjunction with the six Waterford Athletics clubs created a free online programme.

There are 10 video sessions available to access on https://www.waterfordsportspartnership.ie/free-fun-athletics-at-home/


Fun Games

Meath Sports Partnership have published a wide range of games on their website.

Family Fun Games

These games focus on family fun. They also focus on improving children’s physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, which is so important in allowing children to move confidently in a wide range of activity and sports settings.  Improvements in these fundamental movement skills – throwing, catching, balancing, and skipping lead to motivation, increased confidence and competence to move and keep active for the rest of their lives

Take Care,