Hello everyone,

In last week’s Collect post we showed you an  experiment on Equality.  We hope that you had a chance to look at the video and think about the issues that were raised. 

This week we are going to focus on the Testimony of Community.

Now more than ever, even though we are physically apart, we all feel a sense of community as we work together to overcome the challenges presented by Covid 19.  Another way to feel part of a community is to be a part of a team. Through our House system, we promote teamwork and we all have had the chance to be active team members.  We look forward to working together like this in the future.

Watch the videos below and then consider the questions which follow:

Great and extremely funny animation about good and bad teamwork

Reflect on how we can work as a team when we all get back to school.

How can we all work as an effective team in school?

What strategies can we use to ensure good team work?

What initiatives can we start to help us build our community spirit in school?