Well done to all of you working hard to collect your rubbish from your time at the beach. Take a look at Amy, Isla and Jake on a very productive Beach clean mission!

Lukas in 4th class has also been busy at the beach:

Sadly, litter and waste affect every inch of our Globe. Learn about litter facts from Scotland, to Spain, to Australia, to the USA and back again. Why not research some statistics on waste in Ireland using the worksheet below:


This Week’s Activity for the Junior Classes: Buggey Woogies

We just love these cute Buggey Woogies! Why not go outside and identify lots of bugs for inspiration and than up-cycle an egg carton cup with bits and bobs from your craft box?


This week’s activity for the Senior Classes:

The clothing and textile industry is the second largest contributor to global pollution. We use a wide range of resources to make our clothing and textiles. We get those raw materials from plants, an animals or crude oil. The process of making textiles is both energy-demanding and pollutant-intensive, involving huge amounts of water, energy, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Want to help divert textile waste to landfill? Try up-cycling an old tee-shirt into a new tote bag!

If you get an opportunity to complete these activities, don’t forget to send them on to njsgreenschools@gmail.com