Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the lovely videos and pictures that you have sent in over the last few months. It was encouraging to see so many families staying active during school closure.

For the last Active blog of the year, I have included a you tube video that show several station ideas that you can adapt to suit your family.

See below a selection of playground games that you may enjoy over the summer months.

Sardines: In this inversion of hide and seek, only one person hides and everyone else tries to find him. When someone finds the hider, that person joins him in the hiding spot. The last person to find everyone is the next person to hide

Silly Symphony: Silly Symphony is fun to play in the woods or other areas where there are plenty of natural materials like sticks, rocks, and leaves. Players are given some time to find natural objects that can make a noise, such as two rocks that can be struck together or a blade of grass used as a whistle. One person is the “conductor” and conducts the orchestra of sounds by waving at each person to play their “instrument.”

Rainbow Tag: The player who is “it” watches the other players and calls out a colour one or more players have on their clothes. The players wearing that colour runs from a starting point across the play area trying and avoid being tagged.

Zombie Tag: “It” is a zombie whose tagging turns the other players into Zombies. Players are to groan and shuffle around. The last person left who is not a zombie wins the game.

Hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and looking forward to seeing you all in the new term.

Ms. Kavanagh