Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we embark on another school closure, we have set out below our policy on teaching and learning online.  The key purpose of the policy is to ensure the online safety of pupils and staff. 

The policy should be read also in conjunction with our Code of Behaviour, our Anti-Bullying Policy and our Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy, all of which are on the Policies section of our website.

As before, we will use SeeSaw to communicate with parents and pupils.  We already have received  parental consent to use of SeeSaw. 

Live sessions will also take place using the video conferencing platform, Zoom.  Participation in such live sessions will be taken as consent to use of the Zoom platform.

General Guidelines on the use of both platforms are set out below:

  1. Respect is key!  Just like in school, the Golden Rules apply.  Everyone is asked to respect one another and to behave in an appropriate, safe and kind manner online;
  2. Parents/guardians are asked to supervise children while they are working online and to ensure that any content submitted to teachers is appropriate;
  3. Please ensure that passwords for SeeSaw are kept secure.  Please do not share these passwords with others.  Links for Zoom sessions will be released on SeeSaw;
  4. Teachers will check SeeSaw daily and will provide regular feedback on uploaded work.  Feedback will usually be provided during usual school hours.

As we are using third party platform, please note that Newtown Junior School cannot accept responsibility for the security of these online platforms.

Additional Guidelines for use of Zoom by pupils:

  1. When on a Zoom class, please do not use devices apart from the device you are using for the Zoom call;
  2. Pupils only to participate on the calls;
  3. Dress appropriately  – wear what you might wear on a no uniform day in school;
  4. Suitable surroundings – find a quiet room for your class with as little noise /interruptions as possible.  Ideally, find a space where no one else will be passing through;
  5. No recording by parents or pupils of the sessions;
  6. User name = pupil’s real name (not parent’s name to ensure that the Teacher recognises the pupils);
  7. No virtual background allowed;
  8. Avoid touching the keyboard where possible.  The keyboard should only be used for communicating with the teachers;
  9. No food allowed;
  10. Stay seated/Stay present;
  11. Be patient!  Raise your hand if you would like to speak;
  12. Online chat with Teachers only;
  13. No sharing of links; and
  14. If pupils misbehave, the code of behaviour will be implemented and pupils may be removed from future lessons.

Tips on preparing for online teaching and learning:

For SeeSaw:

Download the updated SeeSaw Class App (not the Family App) to your chosen device.  Remember you can also use the online version at

To refresh your memory on the use of SeeSaw, see our note on use of SeeSaw or check the SeeSaw Help Centre to help resolve queries.

For Zoom: Get ready to Launch! What do pupils and parents need to do?

On the day of a scheduled Zoom meeting:

Online Class Invite: 

  • Check you have the invite from your Teacher. 

Set up your desk:

  • find a quiet space;
  • set up your desk – just like your classroom in school.  Have a comfortable spot in which to sit; have your books and pens and your device ready to go;
  • check that the camera and microphone on your device work.  Use headphones if you wish;
  • ensure that notifications are switched off on the device and that unnecessary programmes are closed;
  • check your Wi-Fi is working.

10 minutes to launch – what do I need to do?

  • Check that you are logged in to Zoom in your own name (not as your parents);
  • Click the meeting link;
  • Ensure video and microphone are working, ready to go;
  • You will join the waiting room.  Please wait, your teacher will let you in soon.  Your microphone will be muted as you join the session but your teacher will unmute your microphone when you are invited to speak;
  • Please be on time for meetings!

If you have any questions, queries, concerns or feedback, please contact the Class Teacher via SeeSaw or via email to  The Principal can also be contacted to

Thank you for working with us!

Newtown Junior School Board of Management and Staff.