10th January, 2020

Dear Parents, 

Level 5 restrictions make this a difficult start to 2021.  However, we hope that the combination of vaccine roll out and adherence to the guidelines will result in a decrease in the number of cases.  Hopefully, schools will reopen as soon as possible.  In the meantime, our distance learning programme will start tomorrow.

As before, our programme will be delivered via the SeeSaw platform.  This time, all information on the programme for each class will be uploaded by each Teacher to SeeSaw only.  Each Class Teacher will issue an Announcement tomorrow to let you know what to expect for this week. 

To sign in, ensure you have the most recent version of the SeeSaw Class App on your device (or log in online) and then please use your child’s personal sign in code (rather than signing in by email as you did last time).  Further information on the use of SeeSaw is set out in a separate post. 

The programme for each class will focus primarily on Literacy and Numeracy with multiple tasks being set in each area each week.  In addition,  teachers may post one other activity which children can work on over the course of the week.  The tasks will comprise a mix of 

  1. recorded content on specific teaching points;
  2. activities linked to this recorded content – we recommend that pupils watch the teaching videos before attempting the related activities; and
  3. other general Literacy and Numeracy activities.

The activities being set will, in many cases, be similar to the content covered in class so hopefully many of the children, particularly the older children,  should be able to work on a relatively independent basis.   We request that pupils work in tandem with the teacher rather than working ahead in books. 

As before, we encourage you to ask the children to upload their work to SeeSaw using audio, photographs or the features within the SeeSaw App.  Teachers will be online every day to provide support and feedback. 

We will also trial live sessions via Zoom.  These will start with 5th & 6th Class on Monday morning at 10am.  Further details will be announced by Mr Busher on SeeSaw.  Please see our policy on remote teaching which sets out our protocols on use of SeeSaw and Zoom.

The SET team will be in touch with each of our pupils by email over the next few days to outline specific support which will be provided by the team. 

Providing a programme which works for everyone is a challenge.  We are aware that each family situation is different and that there are many demands on parents, demands on devices in houses, on access to broadband etc.  We aim to provide a manageable, targeted range of learning opportunities for the children as well as general support for their wellbeing.  We hope that our pupils will be able to engage in the programme. If you find that your child is finding it difficult to complete the assigned work, ask the teacher for guidance on priority tasks. If you have particular comments and feedback on the programme, please pass it on to Teachers or to me.  In particular, if you have issues regarding internet connectivity or access to devices, please contact me as I may be able to assist. 

Wishing everyone well and hoping to see everyone back in school very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Ms McSweeney