The Parents’ Association, with the support of Newtown Junior School, is delighted to announce the return of Easter Fun Day in 2023!

It will take place at the school on Friday, 31st March during school hours.

Activities include a bake sale, an egg hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny!

The children will have the opportunity to attend the bake sale in the morning – items will be priced from 50c. Parents are invited to attend from 10:30AM.

Teas & coffees will be served, proceeds of which will be donated to Waterford Autism Social and Sports Action (WASSA). To reduce waste, we would kindly ask parents to bring their own reusable cups if possible.

Please donate ***NUT FREE*** baked goods on the morning of the cake sale (Friday, 31st March) and remember to label your reusable bakeware/containers!

School closes at 11:45AM.

Thank you for your support.

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