Homework Guidance
The reason for homework:
1.As a link between home and school. Strengthening the partnership between parents/guardians, teachers and children.
2.Parents/Guardians can become actively involved in the child's formal education and can observe the child's progress and identify any problems that the child may have.
3.To build on work done in class.
4.To make use of resources that may not be available in the classroom.
5.As an exercise in self-discipline and to develop independent study habits which may be necessary in later life

Types of Homework
There is generally a mixture of oral work and written work. Memorisation forms a very important part of the homework and should always be checked.  In relation to spelling a "look, say, cover, write and check" method is used in school.
Reading with parents/guardians is recommended and the reading of library books/second readers is actively encouraged at all times.  At senior level this may include reading the newspaper or other such material.
Some difficulities which may arise
·If your child is spending an inappropriate amount of time at homework, the parent/guardian should inform the teacher.
·If there is an upset at home which you think may affect your child’s progress/mood/behaviour in school please inform your child’s teacher or the principal.  This is really helpful for us in understanding your child’s individual needs.  Rest assured this information will be treated with respect and in confidence.
Time spent on homework
Homework will be given Mondays to Thursday. The approximate times for homework per class is as follows and is the maximum time.
Junior Infants - 10 mins
Senior Infants - 15 mins
1st Class - 20 mins
2nd Class- 30 mins
3rd & 4th Class - 40 mins
5th & 6th Class - 1 hour

Homework should be presented neatly and should be checked by parents/guardians every evening and signed.  Parents should give a written reason why any homework has not been satisfactorily completed.