The Curriculum

In 1999 a new revised curriculum was introduced into Irish Primary Schools.  The Primary school curriculum consists of 7 curriculum areas including Religion and these are further divided into 11 subjects.

Your child will be learning in the following areas and subjects:

   1. Language:   Gaeilge & English.
   2. Mathematics
   3. Social Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE):  History, Geography and Science.
   4. Arts Education:  Music, Visual art and Drama.
   5. Physical Education (PE)
   6. Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE)
   7. Religion Education

The Department of Education and Skills has guidelines on the amount of time to be allocated to each curriculum area.  The curriculum aims to ensure that all children are provided with learning opportunities that recognise and celebrate their uniqueness, develop their full potential and prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  The focus is on the child as a learner.

The Curriculum aims to foster the development of key skills on communications, problem solving, critical thinking, investigation and interaction.

It is also the aim of the Curriculum to ensure that a child’s experience of school will lead him/her to value and enjoy learning as a life long process.

Functional literacy, numeracy and the ability to articulate well are stressed.

It also encourages that greater attention be given to children with Special Educational needs as well as to the needs of gifted children. 

Regarding Homework, there is a separate
section  (Homework)