About Newtown Junior School

The Junior School at Newtown has been in existence since the early days of the twentieth century and made history in 2007 by becoming the first Quaker School in the National School system.

Newtown Junior School is a happy, secure and welcoming environment where the uniqueness of every child is cherished. We have a highly qualified and committed staff that believes in the importance of providing a broad education for children. Sharing the day to day workings of the primary school adds value to the essential and critically important partnership between parents and teachers.

Our Mission

Newtown Junior School strives to be a unique community where the potential and talent of each child is realised within a friendly and challenging community based on Quaker principles.

Our Aim

  • To encourage everyone to see that God is in themselves and others;
  • To enable each child to meet creative, intellectual and physical challenges with confidence;
  • To foster an active concern for the community and the environment; and
  • To create a friendly atmosphere within which diversity is celebrated and supported and to create a secure and caring setting with known boundaries.