As part of the Health Education Programme, Newtown Junior School promotes a healthy eating policy. We have two food and drink breaks during our school day and have outlined recommendation for each.   Full details on our healthy eating policy are set out in the Policy & Procedures section.


Lunch (12:30)
We encourage children to bring a healthy lunch eg, pitta bread, bread sandwiches, cheese, chicken, ham, salad , soups ,vegetables, cooked pasta with tuna.  All fruit, yoghurt, milk, water or fruit juice is encouraged.

Morning Break (10:45)
Fruit and light healthy snack is recommended.


  • Crisps,  fizzy drinks, junk food and chewing gum are not allowed;
  • All food/drink should be provided in an easily opened, labelled container; and
  • We have students with severe nut allergy, therefore it is prohibited to bring any type of nuts to school.

Waste Disposal/Recycling
In relation to food packaging, we encourage the children to take responsibility for their environment and to be litter conscious. We ask the children to use recyclable packing or lunch boxes and to minimize use of cling film/tin foil.  We also ask students to bring home all leftovers and packing home, this is a great help in keeping our school tidy and instilling our students with a sense of respect towards the environment and sustainability.  We have an extensive recycling programme in place as part of our Green Flag accreditation.