The Quaker Ethos

 The Quaker ethos on which the school was founded still prevails today and provides a calm and caring environment in which each individual can develop and reach his/her full potential.  Each child grows in confidence and compassion through experience beyond the academic and illustrates what can be achieved through a broad and balanced education, which is appropriate to children from all faiths and none.

A Quaker school has a gentle and relaxed atmosphere which is accepting of the individual. Correction of behaviour is carefully agreed with the children and there are no unnecessary rules since the emphasis is on individual conscience, responsibility, truth and integrity.

As every child is considered to be equal the views of pupils really matter and are frequently sought through a variety of channels. Teachers are also less authoritarian and the pupil teacher relationship can be closer as a result.

The Quaker ethos also emphasises the importance of caring for the environment which has never been more relevant than it is today. Quaker environments produce pupils who are quietly confident, calm, thoughtful and emotionally intelligent.

At Newtown Junior School we pursue academic excellence in the broadest sense. We are big enough to provide each child with the opportunities to shine and small enough to care.

Golden Rules – Our discipline policy has at its core 6 Golden Rules:

1. I will be gentle: I will not hurt anyone.
2. I will be kind: I will not hurt people’s feelings.
3. I will be honest: I will not hide the truth.
4. I will listen: I will not interrupt.
5. I will respect property: I will not waste or damage things.
6. I will work hard: I will not waste time.
Our Patron booklet which outlines more information about the Quaker educational ethos can be downloaded from here