Absences and Sickness
Regular attendance is crucial to a child’s progress. However children do become ill from time to time.  In accordance to the Educational Welfare Act the school is legally obliged to report the absence of any child who has missed 20 days or more in one academic year.  The principal has no discretion in this regard.If your child has a particular health problem e.g asthma, eyesight, hearing, toilet related problems etc, please inform the school.

Do not send a sick child to school. If your child is too sick to go to the yard he/she is to sick to come to school.  Exceptions are made in the case of ongoing chronic illness or limb injuries. Otherwise all children are expected to go to the yard as it is a vital part in  social interaction.

Immunisation & Screening
The HSE provides medical and dental screening for school going children. It also provides booster immunisation for childhood diseases to children in Junior Infant class. Parents/Guardians will be advised when this occurs.

It is the policy of the school not to administer any medication to children. The school will be happy to facilitate parents/guardians needing to give medication to their child.

Learning Needs
If your child has any physical or health problems the Principal should be informed when the child enrols.  Should a problem develop the Principal should be told immediately.  In this way the appropriate provisions can be put in place.  This information will be treated with respect and in confidence.

Infectious Disease
Please notify the school if your child is diagnosed with an infectious disease.

Head Lice
Head lice are regular visitors to all schools! So check your child’s hair regularly, i.e. at least once a week for head lice.  If your child has head lice you should treat his/her hair immediately and then inform the school so they can alert others.  The child will not be named.  Head lice can be easily treated as various lotions and shampoo treatments are available from pharmacies without prescriptions.