As part of the Health Education Programme we have a healthy eating policy.  We encourage children to bring healthy lunch eg, pitta bread, wholemeal bread sandwiches, cheese, chicken, ham, salad etcs.  Vegetables, cooked pasta with tuna.  All fruit, yoghurt, milk, water or fruit juice.

Nourishing foods are encouraged while crisps, peanuts, fizzy drinks, junk food and chewing gum are not allowed.

Morning Break (10:45)
Fruit is recommended.

Note:  All food/drink should be provided in an easily opened, labelled container.

In relation to food packaging - we encourage the children to take responsiblity for their environment and to be litter conscious. This is a great help in keeping our school tidy.  We work towards engendering in them a sense of respect towards the environment.  We have a recycling programme in place.  Please refer to our Green School section for more information.