SCHOOL CALENDAR: 2022 – 2023

Newtown Junior School

SCHOOL CALENDAR: 2022 – 2023

August:                 School will open on Wednesday 31st August, 2022

October:               Closed Monday 31st October to Friday 4th November, 2022 inclusive Autumn mid-term

November:           Re-open Monday 7th November, 2022

December:           Close for Christmas Holiday Wednesday 21st December, 2022 at 11.45 am

January:               Re-open Thursday 5th January, 2023

February:             Monday 6th February (Public Holiday)

Thursday 16th & Friday 17th February, 2023 midterm                            

March:                 Friday 17th March, 2023 St Patrick’s Day

April:                    Close for Easter break Friday 31st March, 2023 at 11.45am

April:                     Re-open Monday 17th April, 2023

May:                      Closed Monday 1st May and Tuesday 2nd May, 2023

June:                     Closed Friday 2nd June and Monday 5th June, 2023

Close for Summer Holidays Tuesday 27th June at 11.45am

Please note that there may be some additional closures to facilitate staff training on the new Primary Language Curriculum. These dates will be decided by the Department of Education and Skills and we will notify you of the dates as soon as they become known to us.

All schools will close for Easter 2022 on Friday 8th March 31st which will be the final day of the school term, unless changes are required as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen closures.