Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to attend swimming classes and receive coaching in various sports.  The school is associated with Cumann na nBunscoil who provides coaching in hurling and gaelic football.

In addition, we are currently offering an after school hockey training on Tuesdays which is run by the Parent Association.  Later in the year an after school rugby will also be run by the Parent Assocation.

The swimming class is a 10 weeks programme with a designated term depending on the student’s class.  Currently the classes are on Fridays and are held in the swimming pool at Newtown Senior school .

Each class alternates with gymnastics or athletics when not doing swimming.   These courses are faciliated by DKAM Sports – specialists in Physical Education.

Within the playground there are designated play areas, astro turf ball sport areas, basketball hoop as well as the opportunity to play sports like cricket and rugby.  We are also proudly accredited with the Active School Flag (ASF) in recognition of our strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school.

Note: There is no additional charge for any of our sporting activities as the school contribution covers this.  Parents/Guardians will be informed aboutsporting activity throughout the year.

Please refer to the section on Uniforms to check  clothing required.