Newtown Junior School Uniform

All pupils are asked to have the Newtown Junior School Green Tracksuit top. This should be worn with the Newtown Junior School white polo t-shirt or a plain white polo t-shirt.

Pupils can wear a choice of:

  • Newtown Junior School green tracksuit bottoms;
  • loose fitting unbranded navy tracksuit bottoms (a subtle logo is acceptable, however large brightly coloured logos or Adidas striped tracksuits are not);
  • navy knee length skirt;
  • navy knee length pinafore;
  • Newtown Junior School green shorts; or
  • plain knee length navy shorts.

Personal preference.

Personal preference allowed but studs (plastic or metal) on footwear are not allowed for safety reasons.

We recommend that Infants wear shoes with velcro closing. Children in First and Second Class should also wear shoes with velcro closing unless they can easily tie laces or close buckles. If your child wears shoes with laces/buckles, please ensure that your child can tie the laces/close buckles, otherwise, please have shoes with velcro closing.

For designated PE day, tracksuit and runners should be worn. For swim day, each child requires a one piece swimsuit, waterproof swimming hat and towel (all labelled). Goggles are encouraged. Swim socks are optional.

Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled. Labels may need replacement during the year.

Unclaimed items will be placed in the lost property box which is kept in the lobby at the front of the school. At the end of the school year, unclaimed items are sent to a charity shop.

For safety reasons the only items of jewellery allowed in school are watches and stud earrings.  All other items of jewellery will be either placed in an envelope during the day and returned at the end of the day or will be placed in the child’s school bag

Pupil Mobile Phones are strictly forbidden. Pupils who infringe on this rule will have their phones retained at the office for collection by parent/guardian.

Where to buy:

Excel Promotions Limited, Unit 12i Six Cross Roads Business Park, Waterford is Newtown Junior School’s official uniform provider (051) 379606.  Non branded items can be bought at store of choice.